New Traveller-esque ship from GZG

Longer term fans of Power Projection will know that we have a close working relationship with Ground Zero Games, the publishers of Full Thrust and manufacturers of many fine miniatures. They have been starting to revise their main Full Thrust lines of starships, starting with their ESU and NSL miniatures. The most recent addition is the first of the FSE ships, a Super-dreadnought, and it looks gorgeous and very Imperial in lines. There's a picture above, with a link back to their website.

Of course, these revisions have us very tempted to change the ships we are using for the forthcoming book, Power Projection: Reinforcements. Our current thoughts are to use the NSL for the Sword Worlds fleet. ESU and Islamic Federation Ships will also make it into the book.

Ad Astra Minis now out of pre-order

I guess the subject line above says it all. Ad Astra Games have announced that they have placed the order for the first Imperial and Zhodani Fleet Boxes to be manufactured. They are still available for pre-orders on their website.

Update on Minis

This weekend past, Ken Burnside reported that Ad Astra Games need 13 more orders (out of 70) to launch Imperial Fleet Box 1 and 18 more orders (out of 70) to launch Zhodani Fleet Box 1. Order details here.

Traveller Miniature Pre-orders.

Ad Astra Games are now taking pre-orders for the first two boxes of miniatures (one Zhodani, one Imperial).

Ken Burnside (Ad Astra's President) posted the following on their forums:

These are on a P70 system - when we get 70 orders in house, we'll be putting them to the prototyper and into production. Depending on the timing at the protyping house, production minis will ship about 6-8 weeks after we send them in.

Customers who pre-order will get their miniatures shipped at the same time they ship to distribution; credit cards will be run when we pay the bill to the prototyper, which may be a few weeks before the minis ship. (We have also had situations where it's gone to prototype to minis in our hands in under 3 weeks, but this is the exception, not the rule.)

You can pre-order here.

Power Projection: Fleet is also available for order on their website.

New Picture of Minis

Metal Effect ships
Charles Oines recently posted an updated image of the miniatures that are planned by Ad Astra Games on their forum. This is another CGI render combined with a metal effect to give an impression how they should look out of the box. There are four Zhodani (to the left of the coin) and five Imperials here.

And just to note, I haven't forgotten about the Huron and other ships I mentioned earlier!


Traveller Miniatures are coming from Ad Astra!

Following our announcement earlier in the week about Ad Astra Games licence to publish Power Projection, we are very pleased to bring you a preview of the Traveller miniatures range they are going to be releasing.
.Traveller Warships
The ships pictured above are the Plankwell Class Dreadnought, the Azhanti High Lightning, a Chrysathemum class Destroyer, and two Zhodani ships (a Zhdavldlitz class Light Cruiser and a Zhdiak class Light Destroyer).

The pictures below show a situation that an Azhanti High Lightning doesn't want to get into!
Cornered AHL
These pictures are CGI models of the final sculptures produced by Charles Oines for Ad Astra Games.

If you're interested in the chat about these new models, have a look at Ad Astra Games' forums.