Traveller Miniatures are coming from Ad Astra!

Following our announcement earlier in the week about Ad Astra Games licence to publish Power Projection, we are very pleased to bring you a preview of the Traveller miniatures range they are going to be releasing.
.Traveller Warships
The ships pictured above are the Plankwell Class Dreadnought, the Azhanti High Lightning, a Chrysathemum class Destroyer, and two Zhodani ships (a Zhdavldlitz class Light Cruiser and a Zhdiak class Light Destroyer).

The pictures below show a situation that an Azhanti High Lightning doesn't want to get into!
Cornered AHL
These pictures are CGI models of the final sculptures produced by Charles Oines for Ad Astra Games.

If you're interested in the chat about these new models, have a look at Ad Astra Games' forums.