Power Projection: Escort SSDs now available

Thanks to the generosity of Power Projection fans who raised $203.23 towards Loren’s medical expenses, we are happy to make all the missing SSDs from Power Projection: Escort, updated for use with Power Projection: Fleet available as free PDF downloads with immediate effect. You can download them from the shipyard page here.

Want the PP:Escort ships? Fundraiser for Loren [UPDATED x2]

You may not be aware, but Loren Wiseman – one of the founders of GDW and the man who was responsible for Traveller’s continued existence at Steve Jackson Games after Imperium Games imploded – has had a heart attack and is presently in hospital.

As a freelancer, this has hit him hard financially in terms of medical fees and his ability to work.

As a result, BITS would like to join in some of the efforts to raise funds for Loren and give something back in return...

Send a donation via Paypal to Marc Miller at Farfuture@gmail.com, marking it ‘Loren Wiseman Fundraiser - Power Projection’, and then send a copy of the transaction confirmation to webmaster@bits.org.uk.

If I receive confirmation of more than $100 in transactions, I will make the PDF of all the ships for Power Projection: Escort that were not included in Power Projection: Fleet available to download for free on 20th September 2010.

These are:

200T SDB
Broadsword Class
Chrysanthemum Class
Fer-de-Lance Class
Kinunir Class
Midu Agashaam Class

Chtierabl Class Tender
Plokl Class
Shivva Class
Vlezhdatl Class
Zhdoq Class
Zhodatl Class

These will be updated to match the Power Projection: Fleet SSDs and include Points and RCP values.

I will post updates on progress via the @BITS_Traveller Twitter feed.

UPDATE: A day left and only $11 short of the minimum at which I’ll release the PDF publicly. If you pledge to this, I will guarantee that I will send you the PDF whether or not it goes public.



Other ways you can help:

If you want to help him out as a thank you for all the things he has done to support Traveller in the past, you could buy some of his Traveller material published at RPGNow.

Alternatively, Marc Miller is selling some reprints of CT as a fundraiser. Details can be found here on COTI.

New Power Projection Ship (Escort size) available for Download.

Flower Class Thumbnail

I have added a new ship SSD onto the downloads page. It is a small (400dT) armoured jump capable corvette ideal for shipping escort on mains. It was originally designed when the CT-Starships mailing list was set up as a proof of concept anti-missile boat vessel for some test battles. Enjoy!

Power Projection: Escort Ship for Download

I'm finding myself awake at unusual times at the moment after the birth of my son, so I've killing some of the time by converting designs into Power Projection. I'm dropping them onto PDFs as a practice for when work starts in vengeance on Power Projection: Reinforcements' graphics. First up is a conversion of a Fleet Destroyer from QLI's excellent Traveller's Aide #7: Fighting Ships. If you're into starship battles you should consider this book as it presents many Solomani Rim War Era Imperial designed ships (which could be used on both sides of a conflict) and are easily convertible to Power Projection. And all for $5. RPG Now have the book available.
Saberwolf SSD
Click on the icon above to be taken to the Shipyard to download the design. Enjoy! I'm not certain what ship I'll do next, but I'm tempted by the Huron Class Bombardment Cruiser thanks to the picture shown on the front of Traveller 1248.