TravCon08 - Last Chance to Register

This is your LAST CHANCE to register for TravCon08!

There is less than a week to go until the Con opens this coming weekend...

Demand for places has been good, however...

...we have ONE room left (as work/illness have cut the BITS team attendance) and we also have a number of day tickets available, and would welcome more people who want to play or referee Traveller (of any flavour). Come and take part in the UK's premier Traveller RPG convention, and even try out the new Mongoose Traveller playtest rules! There should also be Power Projection games available!

IMPORTANT: You must pre-register for day tickets, as they are not available on the day. Day tickets are £15 Saturday, £10 Sunday.

Register HERE!

GenCon UK and TravCon 08

Details of both these conventions have been posted on the main BITS website. GenCon UK is at the end of this month, and TravCon 08 is in March 2008. We are planning to run Power Projection at both, and hope to see you there!

Power Projection Event, Maryland USA

Mystic Station Designs, LLC is hosting several Power Projection: Escort and Power Projection:Fleet Events at Balticon 41.

Balticon 41 is held in Hunt Valley Maryland (USA) on memorial day weekend of May 25 - 28, 2007. For additonal information on Balticon
please see their website.

The events will include an introduction to Power Projection: Escort and Power Projection:Fleet. In additon there will be six events throughout the weekend including a Tournament on Sunday 27 May 2007. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. The events are listed on the Mystic Station Website.

If you have any questions please let Kory M. Kaese from Mystic Station Designs know.