The Power Projection Line

Currently, there are two books in the Power Projection product line – Power Projection: Escort and Power Projection: Fleet. A third book, Power Projection: Reinforcements, is under development and will hopefully be released in 2007.

The first two books are completely standalone, and contain rules for fighting smaller and larger ships. Power Projection: Fleet contains campaign and ship conversion rules in addition to the combat sequences.

The third book, Power Projection: Reinforcements, will contain Power Projection and Traveller High Guard ship designs for differing forces including the Vargr and Sword Worlds. Each interstellar state will have a variety of ships from Escorts through to Battleships. These designs will be based around a selection of the more Traveller-esque of Ground Zero Games' models for Full Thrust.

Originally, a fourth book was released – Power Projection Lite – which was a limited print run preview of the game which BITS produced to gauge interest at GenCon UK. This was subsequently replaced by Power Projection: Escort. Notes on the differences are available for download on this site to allow owners of 'Lite' to have all the information in its successor.