Power Projection: Fleet
Power Projection Fleet cover

Power Projection: Fleet focusses on capital ships and campaign based combat. In addition to the secondary weapons seen in Power Projection: Escort, spinal mounts, black globes, fighter squadrons and planetary defences are detailed. Larger engagements are supported with a dice based quick statistical resolution system for dice rolls.

There is a scenario engine, which allows you create double blind missions (where neither side knows the other's objectives). Also included is a campaign system built around a melding of the Fifth Frontier War engine with Trillion Credit Squadron.

There are 25 ship designs and 6 types of fighter squadron described covering both Imperial and Zhodani forces. Conversion rules are given to allow you to take any High Guard, MegaTraveller or Traveller T20 design and convert them to a Power Projection design. There are two pages of colour starship counters, plus two black and white counter pages.


ISBN 1-901228-32-0, 76 pages, A4 format, written by Dominic Mooney. Cover by Jesse DeGraff. © 2003.