Traveller Miniatures are coming from Ad Astra!

Following our announcement earlier in the week about Ad Astra Games licence to publish Power Projection, we are very pleased to bring you a preview of the Traveller miniatures range they are going to be releasing.
.Traveller Warships
The ships pictured above are the Plankwell Class Dreadnought, the Azhanti High Lightning, a Chrysathemum class Destroyer, and two Zhodani ships (a Zhdavldlitz class Light Cruiser and a Zhdiak class Light Destroyer).

The pictures below show a situation that an Azhanti High Lightning doesn't want to get into!
Cornered AHL
These pictures are CGI models of the final sculptures produced by Charles Oines for Ad Astra Games.

If you're interested in the chat about these new models, have a look at Ad Astra Games' forums.

Power Projection to be printed in the USA

BITS are proud to announce closer ties with yet another game publisher. Following on from our collaboration with Jon Tuffley at Ground Zero Games to produce our much-applauded Traveller starship combat system Power Projection, we are now beginning printing of the Power Projection: Fleet rules through Ken Burnside at Ad Astra Games in the USA.

We continue to have stock of the original UK printings of both Power Projection: Escort and Fleet, but this agreement allows us to produce and distribute the updated version of Fleet more easily in the USA. We will continue to stock and distribute the original UK printing to distributors, mail order customers and at conventions, but will replace these with the US-printed version over time.

We will only be printing Fleet at Ad Astra; though Escort is a useful, and fun, lead-in to Power Projection, the economics of printing meant it wasn't worth producing Escort in the USA: for our first out-source to Ad Astra we wanted to focus on the complete rules set in Fleet and see how it went.

We intend to collaborate further with Ken and his team at Ad Astra on future projects, just as we continue to work very closely with Jon at Ground Zero Games with our upcoming Power Projection: Reinforcements book.

Andy Lilly

Power Projection: Escort Ship for Download

I'm finding myself awake at unusual times at the moment after the birth of my son, so I've killing some of the time by converting designs into Power Projection. I'm dropping them onto PDFs as a practice for when work starts in vengeance on Power Projection: Reinforcements' graphics. First up is a conversion of a Fleet Destroyer from QLI's excellent Traveller's Aide #7: Fighting Ships. If you're into starship battles you should consider this book as it presents many Solomani Rim War Era Imperial designed ships (which could be used on both sides of a conflict) and are easily convertible to Power Projection. And all for $5. RPG Now have the book available.
Saberwolf SSD
Click on the icon above to be taken to the Shipyard to download the design. Enjoy! I'm not certain what ship I'll do next, but I'm tempted by the Huron Class Bombardment Cruiser thanks to the picture shown on the front of Traveller 1248.