Traveller Miniature Pre-orders.

Ad Astra Games are now taking pre-orders for the first two boxes of miniatures (one Zhodani, one Imperial).

Ken Burnside (Ad Astra's President) posted the following on their forums:

These are on a P70 system - when we get 70 orders in house, we'll be putting them to the prototyper and into production. Depending on the timing at the protyping house, production minis will ship about 6-8 weeks after we send them in.

Customers who pre-order will get their miniatures shipped at the same time they ship to distribution; credit cards will be run when we pay the bill to the prototyper, which may be a few weeks before the minis ship. (We have also had situations where it's gone to prototype to minis in our hands in under 3 weeks, but this is the exception, not the rule.)

You can pre-order here.

Power Projection: Fleet is also available for order on their website.