I’ve just been preparing the websites for 2010, and thought that I’d mention a few things here.

You may have noticed on the main BITS website blog that I attended Dragonmeet for the first time in three years, and whilst there we had some discussions on Power Projection and future releases. Anyway, we’ve had a few ideas, which we’ve been kicking around as ways to get Power Projection: Reinforcements and some other books out. At the moment, we’re considering a drip feed release of fleets from Reinforcements as PDFs on advance of the main book being prepared. This will focus primarily on GZG vessels, rather than the excellent Ad Astra vessels. As I’ve recently raised my InDesign DTP skills from nothing to a complete book laid out (an RPG called Wordplay), this is actually looking feasible as a deliverable, as it means I can prepare it while Andy Lilly focuses on the RPG material. The final book would have further content - some extra chapters of material we’ve been looking for a home for such as classic Traveller ship designs not included in Power Projection: Fleet. BITS also have plans for up to three further books to support Traveller, all for the RPG. All this subject to the usual ‘real life may intervene’ tag.

I finally got to see the Ad Astra Games Traveller Miniatures at Dragonmeet, and they’re really nice. If you’re in the UK and can catch BITS at a con, they’re well worth getting hold off (as exchange rate was better when we got our stock). Otherwise, Ad Astra Games sell direct.

Finally, TravCon UK is upon us soon, and there are very few places left. Check out the main BITS site for more information!

Thank you for your patience with us, and have a Happy New Year.