RCP values for Power Projection: Escort ships

I have added a definitive list of the correct RCP (relative computing power) values for all ships from Power Projection: Escort to the FAQ. However, to save you time...

Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser RCP 2
Chrysanthemum Destroyer Escort RCP 3
Chtierabl Transport RCP 2
Fer-de-Lance Destroyer Escort RCP 3
Kinunir Colonial Cruiser RCP 2
Midu Agashaam Destroyer RCP 3
Plokl Escort RCP3
Shivva Patrol Frigate RCP 2
Viper System Defense Boat RCP 3
Vlezhdatl Pocket Strike Cruiser RCP2
Zhodatl Missile Boat RCP2
Zhodq SDB RCP3