Power Projection – Starship Miniatures Combat in the Far Future.

Power Projection grew out of a fun demonstration game BITS ran at Gencon UK, with support from Ground Zero Games. The demo was a fleet engagement between Zhodani and Imperial ships using a conversion for GZG's fun Full Thrust starship miniatures game. We all had a lot of fun but it didn't feel quite like Traveller. Over the next 5 years we tinkered with the game at conventions until, in 2000, we realised we had a potential winner on our hands (after several people asked could they buy the game)! After getting GZG's blessing, the next 3 years saw a lot of hard work to pull together the core rules together. We released the small-scale quick play Escort rules in 2002, and followed these up with the campaign and capital-ship orientated Fleet in 2003. The game movement is a vector based system, with simultaneous movement and initiative based fire. High Guard, Battle Rider, Mayday and Full Thrust were the significant design influences.

The games are completely standalone, and have everything you need except dice and a ruler/tape measure in them. Power Projection has its own support site at http://www.powerprojection.net/ and we are currently working on Power Projection: Reinforcements, a fleet book for the game (presently on hold).

Power Projection Escort cover
Power Projection: Escort
Power Projection: Escort focuses on the smaller, non-capital ships of the Traveller universe. These are the ships smaller than 10,000 tons with no spinal mounts. The game includes two sheets of black and white counters, 14 Zhodani and Imperial ship designs and a number of scenarios. It is full compatible with Power Projection: Fleet and has 12 ship designs which aren't included in that book.

ISBN 1-901228-31-2, 30 pages, A4 format, written by Dominic Mooney. Cover by Jesse DeGraff. © 2002. Currently Out of Print.
Power Projection Fleet cover

Power Projection: Fleet
Power Projection: Fleet focusses on capital ships and campaign based combat. In addition to the secondary weapons seen in Power Projection: Escort, spinal mounts, black globes, fighter squadrons and planetary defences are detailed. Larger engagements are supported with a dice based quick statistical resolution system for dice rolls. There is a scenario engine, which allows you create double blind missions (where neither side knows the other's objectives). There is a campaign system built around a melding of the Fifth Frontier War engine with Trillion Credit Squadron.There are 25 ship designs and 6 types of fighter squadron described covering both Imperial and Zhodani forces. Conversion rules are given to allow you to take any High Guard, MegaTraveller or Traveller T20 design and convert them to a Power Projection design. There are two pages of colour starship counters, plus two black and white counter pages.

ISBN 1-901228-32-0, 76 pages, A4 format, written by Dominic Mooney. Cover by Jesse DeGraff. © 2003.

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