The 101 Book Series.

The 101 Books are the classic 'little white books' that where the first products that BITS produced for Traveller after the success of The Long Way Home. They are a referee's best friend, and are in the style of a revised version of some of the original Classic Traveller 'little black books', both in size and content.

Each book looks at a subject and provides at least 101(!) pregenerated or prepared descriptions, with statistics where appropriate and plot hooks in all cases. If you're a referee in a hurry, and you need to provide a description of a passenger on a ship (use 101 Travellers) or the crew of the ship (101 Starcrews), or the cargo of the ship (101 Cargos), or the place the business deal takes place (101 Rendez-Vous), or the corporation funding the deal (101 Corporations) or... well, you get the picture. A couple of these books in your bag are a complete referee's survival kit!

In most cases, the books are usable with all editions of Traveller, but some of the statistics may not be appropriate to all rules systems. Where statistics are system specific, the details are noted below.


101 Cargos (2nd Edition)
One of our earliest 101 Books released, 101 Cargos has remained a popular aide for referees. As well as descriptions of cargos, the book includes an "instant adventure links" generator, details about shipping and hazard codes, plus a cargo generation system.

ISBN 1-901228-03-7, 40 pages, A5 format, written by Andy & Sarah Lilly.
©1996, 1997 - Combines well with 101 Starcrews & 101 Travellers.



101 Corporations
The idea for 101 Corporations grew out of a Traveller Mailing List (TML) set of starship design contests under the aegis of the 'Imperial Ship Builders Association'. Many people were putting as much effort into creating the background to the companies producing the ships as they were into the designs themselves, leading to unique organisations such as Famille Spofulam, AuricTech Shipyards and Gridlore Technologies were created. From this genesis came the idea that a book could be produced detailing all these companies. 101 Corporations is that book. It starts with the UCP – Universal Corporate Profile – a structured way to describe any company, then moves into descriptions of all the companies along with plot ideas for involving them with player groups. The final section describes typical generic corporate plot-lines and has a index listing all the UCPs.

ISBN 1-901228-11-8, 60 pages, A5 format, edited by Andy Lilly & John G Wood. ©2001 - Combines well with 101 Religions and 101 Governments.


101 Governments
Another of the 101 books that deals with cultural settings, 101 Governments takes the standard Traveller Government code from the Universal World Profile and provides multiple examples of each type of government that a busy referee can take and slot in when the player characters decide to travel off the beaten track. Alternatively, they can be used as examples to build adventures around, as they all have the usual referee's special information and suggested plots to be used.

ISBN 1-901228-09-6, 56 pages, A5 format, written by David Thomas.
©1998 - Combines well with 101 Religions and 101 Corporations.


101 Lifeforms
Critters! Ideal for menacing characters and/or for cute pets! 101 Lifeforms provides over a hundred creatures for all sorts on environments with statistics ready for Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller and T4. There is a JTAS Online article that allows easy conversion to GURPS Traveller. Along with the statistics, there's also a description (and a picture in a small number of cases), some referee's notes on how to use the creature, and details of its habitat.

ISBN 1-901228-06-1, 44 pages, A5 format, written by Andy & Sarah Lilly, Dominic Mooney, David Thomas, Steve Dempsey, Paul Radford & Peter Newman. ©1996 - Combines well with 101 Rendezvous.


101 Patrons
Written as a replacement for 101 Plots, and substantially bigger and better (in our opinion) we've ended up selling both books as they're both still very popular. 101 Patrons moves on from the style of 101 Plots, and adds a section developed by Andy Slack on the 36 basic plots (dramatic situations) you can have, along with some more detailed and expanded plot-lines ('elaborations'). There are also two sections detailing Starport Chatter and the enigmatically named 'World Seeds'. Of course, there is a whole selection of 76 Patrons style plots as well! The book has a gorgeous cover by Jesse DeGraff. Review 19 Feb 2007

ISBN 1-901228-14-2, 56 pages, A5 format, edited by Dominic Mooney & Andy Lilly. ©2000 - Combines well with 101 Plots.


101 Plots
One of the first two 101 Books released, 101 Plots presents over a hundred plots in the same style as the GDW Classic Traveller book 76 Patrons. Each plot describes a situation to involve the players in, often in the form of an advert that could be found on a starport contacts board, and has notes for the referee on what's really going on. A great book for a referee's tool-kit!

ISBN 1-901228-02-9, 40 pages, A5 format, written by Jo & Lesley Grant.
©1996,1997 - Combines well with 101 Patrons.


101 Religions
Traveller has always shied away from discussing religion, but its something that can't be ignored in an empire of 11,000 worlds and trillions of humans. 101 Religions seeks to fill that gap with multiple examples of mainstream religions and cults that a referee can slip into their game to entertain and fox the player characters with. The religions presented are clustered into the groups identified in the Universal Religious Profile from the Digest Group Publications 'World Builder's Handbook'. Unfortunately, this couldn't be included in the book due to the ongoing copyright dispute between FarFuture Enterprises and the present owners of DGP's intellectual property. Each religion has a description that would be common knowledge, a referee's entry about any secrets or uncommon knowledge, and one or more plotlines. The religions themselves were developed by a wide number of people following an initial discussion on the Traveller Mailing List (TML).

ISBN 1-901228-08-8, 48 pages, A5 format, editted by Andy Lilly, Dominic Mooney, Timothy Collinson & Richard Mawhinney.
©1998 - Combines well with 101 Governments and 101 Corporations.


101 Rendezvous
Have you ever had that moment of panic as a referee when the player characters decide that they want to hit a restaurant for a post voyage meal, or a go bar-hopping? You know that it's just background colour, but you want to make each bar different and memorable, rather than the same tired cardboard cut-out. Sometimes, when you've had less time to prepare you, or you're tired, it can be hard to be spontaneous and original. That's where 101 Rendezvous comes in. With sections for accommodation, entertainments, emergency services, Sites of Interest, shops, education, services and starports, and restaurants and bars, you can just dive into 101 Rendezvous for inspiration. Each location has a description, details of characters and costs, and play-option ideas for plots to confound your players with!

ISBN 1-901228-04-5, 44 pages, A5 format, written by Andy & Sarah Lilly.
©1997 - Combines well with 101 Lifeforms.


101 Starcrews
The first 101 Book produced by BITS after a break of four years, 101 Starcrews, provides the referee with plenty of material to flesh out the 'travelling' aspect of the game. It provides numerous examples of the standard ship types – such as the Type S Scout and Type A2 Far Trader – found in all the main Traveller rulebooks. Each ship has a name, description, and details of crew names, foibles and skills using BITS' new generic NPC ability system. In addition, there is at least one plot for every vessel, and a quick system to allow you to flesh out individual's interests and motivations. The book concludes with key Library Data, a summary of ship stats and an index.

ISBN 1-901228-17-7, 48 pages, A5 format, written by Andy Lilly & Dave Elrick.
©2005 - Combines well with 101 Cargos & 101 Travellers.


101 Travellers
101 Travellers provides examples of potential passengers (or NPCs for adventures) for starships. Each passenger is described with a UPP, plus key skills and assets (which makes them usable with Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller and T4 without any further work). To flesh the characters out, they each have a background described, plus a number of 'play-options'. These are little plots that can be used to either add a little flavour to a game session or spin a whole adventure for a session. The book wraps up with Library Data and an Index.

ISBN 1-901228-05-3, 44 pages, A5 format, written by Andy & Sarah Lilly.
©1997 - Combines well with 101 Starcrews & 101 Cargos.