At Close Quarters - a Traveller Skirmish Game.

Written by GURPS Traveller Ground Forces author Douglas Berry, in conjunction with James Lindsay, At Close Quarters is a skirmish combat rules-set in the same vein as the Classic Traveller games Snapshot and Azhanti High Lightning. However, At Close Quarters (or ACQ) takes it a step further, requiring the kind of decisions that real combat needs. If you rush in here, you'll get caught out and probably die horribly...

ACQ cover
At Close Quarters
ACQ has a tactical system that emphasises the action and reaction process of real combat. Cautious combatants with fast reactions who use all their available cover will out-live reckless gun-slinger types! ACQ adds excitement to critical combat situations within your Traveller game, and is also excellent for ground skirmishes and starship boarding actions.

Comprehensive rules are included for ranged combat (from aimed shots to suppression fire), melee combat, movement, action/reaction situations, types of cover (and how to reach it quickly), damage effects and healing, zero-G combat and much more. It includes extensive weapons lists and a quick-reference booklet for all the key tables, tasks and actions. And Penguins.

ISBN 1-901228-13-4, 48 pages, A5 format, written by Doug Berry & James Lindsay. © 2000. No Penguins were harmed in the creation of ACQ, but it is the Traveller book that introduced them to the game!