Links to Traveller and related websites!

FarFuture Enterprises – Marc Miller's company, the creators and owners of the rights to Traveller. You can find details of the Classic Traveller Reprints, Twilight 2000 reprints and the MegaTraveller and 2300 Canon collection CD ROMs on this site. - the website for our Traveller Full Thrust space combat game, PowerProjection. Now available in both the quick play Power Projection: Escort and campaign and capital ship Power Projection: Fleet versions.

GURPS Traveller - licensed by Steve Jackson Games, Inc, with the line edited by Loren Wiseman (formerly of Game Designer's Workshop - GDW) this is the official licenced alternative universe for Traveller. It is set in a future where the events depicted in MegaTraveller, and Traveller: The New Era, did not happen. The Emperor Strephon lives, and players can explore the background familiar to Classic Traveller players since 1977. Steve Jackson Games Inc also sell the various BITS books in North America.

Ad Astra Games - Ad Astra are publishing Power Projection in the USA and have a range of Traveller miniatures. They are also the publishers of 'Attack Vector: Tactical'. If you thought Brilliant Lances was good hard SF starship combat then check out Ad Astra Games' website. Attack Vector: Tactical is a 3D vector/displacement game which plays quickly and has elegant and effective play aids and systems. The box miniatures and components are excellent too.

Traveller RPG - The Traveller website maintained by Quiklink Interactive. Details can be found here of the d20 edition of Traveller (Traveller T20), and the proposed extension to the Traveller: The New Era setting based in 1248 Imperial, and the GRIP Online Traveller RPG system.

Freelance Traveller - the electronic fanzine for Traveller afficionados. Now at a new location. Reviews, articles and comment all a mouse click away.

JTAS - The Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society - Now online and relaunched by Steve Jackson Games, Inc, and edited by Loren Wiseman. Worth having a look at as it supports all Traveller editions. This is currently biweekly.

Open Directory Project Traveller Listing - Probably the best list of Traveller websites on the internet. - A very impressive Traveller based portal with a wide range of material, including the HIWG site and information on FAQs etc. The Atlas of Known Space is particularly impressive.

Traveller Central - A site with loads of material for Traveller including material on Regina UpPort, NPCs, weapons and rule mods. It also features detailed game notes from the past years of Tod Glenn's [TML Listmom] campaigns.

HIWG Homepage - Ed Edwards and Mike Mikesh started HIWG in 1987 when MegaTraveller came out. It was originally to develop Imperial history through the Rebellion. It did a lot of this, and many ideas went into Rebellion Sourcebook and other products. It outgrew this focus, though, as people exchanged programs, wrote up sectors, and developed races. Work from a number of HIWG members has seen print, but HIWG does not (at present) publish any material aside from their CD ROM of compiled Traveller material. This is also available through BITS in the UK.

Jesse DeGraff's Traveller Artwork - Jesse DeGraff has produced some wonderful rendered Computer Images of Traveller Starships including the Beowulf Class Free Trader, and the Empress Marava Class Far Trader. His work has graced the covers and internals of many of Steve Jackson Games, Inc's GURPS Traveller, and BITS books. Jesse also produced the cover for the BITS Adventures 'Space Dogs' and 'Delta 3 is Down', the supplement '101 Patrons', and both Power Projection books.

The Traveller Gearhead Webring - Do you like spending a few hours with your computer's spreadsheet, a calculator, High Guard or 'Fire, Fusion and Steel'? This webring is for you as it is a collection of websites of people who just can't resist the design sequences in Traveller.

Ace-Dog - A useful Traveller site with deckplans, weapons, 'The Foreven Project (a 15 year old sector development), deckplans and MT starships.

Traveller Map site - An awesome interactive map of the Traveller Universe.

Beowulf Down - Tavonni's website, with detailed Traveller library data amongst other things. - An excellent support site for Traveller, especially of the MegaTraveller Edition!


Other Companies and Friends:

Ground Zero Games - publishers of the Full Thrust starship miniatures combat rules and makers of excellent miniatures.

Brittannia Game Designs - not a Traveller link, but a fellow UK RPG company. Britannia have the rights to Chivalry & Sorcery and have just launched a Lite version of the rules, along with some excellent new sourcebooks.

Dragonmeet Convention - Details of the UK RPG industry organised convention, successfully relaunched in London in November 2000 and now preparing for it's seventh year.

Forgotten Futures - The Victorian based SF-RPG produced by Marcus L Rowland. Take a look at his website to find out more. Also links to Heliograph, the publishers of the former GDW game, Space 1889.


Shops and Distributors:

Warehouse 23 is Steve Jackson Games, Inc. Mail Order operation, who stock the complete range of BITS Products. They supply worldwide.

GnomeTrader - Carry all the BITS books and are the mail order suppliers for the Traveller: Universe software. They supply worldwide.

Leisure Games - are (in their own words)... "Games retailers, based in London, UK, specialising in mail order to the hobby. We offer a very fast, friendly and efficient service, and are known as one of the country's premier games shops, stocking a massive range of games and game supplements - Roleplaying, Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures Games." They maintain stocks of BITS Traveller products along with GURPS, T20 and Classic Traveller editions. They supply worldwide.

Mystic Station Designs - Our USA distributors, get your Friendly Local Game Store to contact them to obtain copies of BITS products.

Our Finnish Distributors - Fantasiapelit Tudeer OY, Vilhonkatu 4b, 00100 Helsinki, FINLAND. Email them at

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