Adventures for Traveller.

BITS was originally established as a support organisation for Traveller, with the intent of promoting the game where and whenever possible. A significant part of this support involved creating new adventures that could be played out as demonstration games and tournaments at conventions such as GenCon UK and Dragonmeet. The scenarios has twin aims - to be fun, and to showcase aspects of Traveller as a setting. They tended to be written without a specific game system in mind a fact that led to the creation of the BITS task system, which sets equivalencies between different Traveller rules editions. We decided that there had been a dearth of decent adventures for Traveller for a number of years, so we started to expand, update and release these books for referees to use as one-offs and pick up games.

Delta 3 is Down cover
Delta 3 is Down
The Zhodani view the Imperials as violent, expansionist, mentally disturbed, guilt-ridden liars and thieves. The Imperials view the Zhodani as treacherous, mind-sucking scum. A Zhodani Admiral, carrying the latest plans for the Consulate Border fleet, becomes stranded on an Imperial border world. Events ensue as the psionic Zhodani try to escape back home.

The adventure contains pre-generated Zhodani characters, deck-plans and statistics for two starships, detailed descriptions and maps of the Imperial border world of Emerald, guidance on playing Zhodani, and notes on how to run the scenario as a tournament/demo-game. CT/MT/T4/GT stats.

ISBN 1-901228-23-1, 56 pages, A5 format, written by Dominic Mooney & Andy Lilly. Cover by Jesse DeGraff. © 2001.

Khiidkar Incident Cover
The Khiidkar Incident
Originally released (and mangled) as part of the Missions of State anthology for T4, BITS took the opportunity to correct, expand and re-release The Khiidkar Incident after Imperium Games folded. Set in Milieu 0, Captain Swing is an anarchist who is a key member of the Khiidkar Freedom Front, an illegal organisation whose acts of piracy are threatening the stable rule of the Imperial noble houses. Count Julian Talaton is the sworn enemy of Captain Swing. The player characters have the opportunity to join in this tale of noble intrigue, lost heirs, forbidden love, jealousy and experience the dangers of noble life, from a reckless hunt to the sharp end of a duel!

The adventure contains pre-generated noble characters, deck-plans and statistics for another two ships, a description of the world of Khiidkar and the Marquis' island residence, plus detailed non-player characters. CT/MT/T4/GT stats.

ISBN 1-901228-20-7, 36 pages, A5 format, written by Martin Dougherty and Neil Frier. ©1999.

SpaceDogs cover
One of the most popular adventures that BITS have run as a tournament, the player characters are all Imperial Vargr. Vargr are genetically uplifted dogs, who get to do all the dirty jobs in Milieu 0. They're the underclass, doomed to live and die in the slums. Little Heaven is a small colony world beseiged by murderous pirates. They need help, and they don't care if the help has fur and fangs. In fact, they're an advantage if you're in a fight! Saving the colonists is only the first step – the action continues all the way to the Imperial Court.

The adventure includes pre-generated Vargr characters, statistics and deck-plans for two starships, details of Little Heaven and guidance on playing Vargr!

ISBN 1-901228-21-5, 44 pages, A5 format, written by David Thomas. ©1999.