TravCon 08 - Final Report & Pictures

Neil has sent his final TravCon 08 report:

Saturday night ended with pretty much all the con attendees having a drink in the bar. Did we mention that the bar was open 24-hour? A couple of attendees checked the claim and found that yes the staff would serve until the early hours of the morning.
The TAS 24 hour bar.
The TAS 24 hour bar.

Sunday started a little later than planed with two RPG games being ran. One by Max Kettley who was running his first con game for
Another group gave the combat system for the new
Mongoose Traveller rule system a test run.

The afternoon session saw the end of one of the morning games and a short run out for the
BITS classic scenario Family Business.

The Award and Closing Ceremony.
The Awards!

The con was wrapped up with a closing ceremony (posh term for getting everyone in the same room) hosted by our own Andy Lilly. A couple of
awards were handed out including the
Ping, F*** It award. I'll leave the details so as not to get them wrong. With the closing ceremony ending with very long list of thank yous we all then started to thin out and make our weary way home.

Well that was the first of the resurrected TravCons. With a little bit of luck there will be a TravCon 2009, a bit bigger and obviously better.

All the best,

All pictures from TravCon 08 can be found here.
If you want copies of the higher resolution images and you attended TravCon 08, please drop us an email.

TravCon 08 - Survived! UPDATE 3

As TravCon 08 draws to a close, an update from Andy:

Bloody 'ell, we did it!
I'm going to have a quiet meal (non-Indian) and drink (non-Carling), relax (non-gaming) and tomorrow hopefully I'll pull together the pictures I took
and post them up.

Should be plenty of material for the next newsletter.
Thanks to those who made it a success. Missed those of you who couldn't make it.


Andy Lilly
BITS UK Limited (British Isles Traveller Support)


TravCon 08 - Traveller and Curry! UPDATE 2

Once again, our fearless drinker stringer reports to TAS on TravCon 08:

Hello again,

We've just got back from another fine curry. The afternoon slot saw another three games of
Traveller. The evening slot is just about to kick in with a couple of games being played. We'll have to see what the morrow brings.

Highlights of this afternoons session were
Cold Dark Grave get another run out and the fine George Wright's beer brought along by Derrick. Yes, Neil was able to find six players who'd never played Cold Dark Grave!

The prediction for Man of the Con goes to Simon who looks to be trying to run the whole of the
Angel's Share saga at the con. All the best, Neil

Hopefully pictures tomorrow!

(Angel's Share is the new mini-campaign being prepared for publication by BITS.)

TravCon 08 is underway! UPDATE 1

TravCon08 is underway! BITS' very own Neil McGurk reports:

Hello from TravCon 08 to all who aren't just outside Sawtry.
We're well into the Saturday morning session now. Three games of Traveller played last night. The evening ended with a large game Chez Geek in the 24-hour bar! Won by Derrick, who then continued to drink until 4am.

We've now got three games of Traveller being played, with a couple more planned for this afternoon. Hope to get a couple of updates out during the rest of the weekend. The WiFi isn't free but it is cheap.

All the best, Neil

Hopefully we'll have more news and pictures this weekend.


LAST CHANCE for TravCon08

This is your LAST CHANCE to register for TravCon08!

There is less than a week to go until the Con opens this coming weekend...

Demand for places has been good, however...

...we have ONE room left (as work/illness have cut the BITS team attendance) and we also have a number of day tickets available, and would welcome more people who want to play or referee Traveller (of any flavour). Come and take part in the UK's premier Traveller RPG convention, and even try out the new Mongoose Traveller playtest rules!

IMPORTANT: You must pre-register for day tickets, as they are not available on the day. Day tickets are £15 Saturday, £10 Sunday.

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TravCon08 Registration now Open to All

BITS is proud to announce TravCon08 UK is now open to registration for everyone after two months as a BITS member exclusive. There are limited numbers of places left, so book soon!

This is the rebirth of the convention we used to run at Hebden Bridge, but this time down south near Sawtry.

Register HERE!


TravCon08 Registration open to BITS Members

BITS is proud to announce TravCon08 UK is now open to registration from BITS members. This is the rebirth of the convention we used to run at Hebden Bridge, but this time down south near Sawtry. Details can be found in the BITS members area of the website.

We will open the registration to everyone shortly.

UPDATE (3/12/07): The minor glitch on the electronic registration page is now corrected.