Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all from BITS!

Only 19 days to Dragonmeet 2010

Dragonmeet 2010 is nearly upon us, and BITS will be there. Hope that we’ll see you there!

The annual London convention is being held on Saturday 27th November 2010, starting at 10:00 am, at Kensington Town Hall. More information can be found here: http://dragonmeet.phoenixgamesclub.org.uk/

They have a Twitter feed @dragonmeet http://twitter.com/dragonmeet

Power Projection: Escort SSDs now available

Thanks to the generosity of Power Projection fans who raised $203.23 towards Loren’s medical expenses, we are happy to make all the missing SSDs from Power Projection: Escort, updated for use with Power Projection: Fleet available as free PDF downloads with immediate effect. You can download them from PowerProjection.net now! The funds are with Marc Miller for distribution to Loren.

Please keep supporting promotions such as the Ad Astra one to help Loren.

Thanks again for your generosity!

(BITS Webmaster)


Further Fundraiser by Ad Astra (supported by BITS)

Ad Astra Games have announced the following:
Until September 30th, half of the purchase price of the following items will be donated to Loren Wiseman to help him recoup his medical expenses after his heart attack and bypass surgery. We wish Loren a speedy recovery, and thank you (and the people who generously let us sell their material for this sale) for helping it happen.

Power Projection: Fleet
Voidstriker Fleet Box
Nexus Journal #1
All Traveller Spaceship Minis

Remember, we're also holding a discounted shipping window on all items from our ship...so act soon!

Ken Burnside

BITS are supporting this through the Power Projection: Fleet sale.

Power Projection Fundraiser for Loren [UPDATED x2]

BITS would like to join in some of the efforts to raise funds for Loren and give something back in return...

Send a donation via Paypal to Marc Miller at Farfuture@gmail.com, marking it ‘Loren Wiseman Fundraiser - Power Projection’, and then send a copy of the transaction confirmation to webmaster@bits.org.uk.

If I receive confirmation of more than $100 in transactions, I will make the PDF of all the ships for Power Projection: Escort that were not included in Power Projection: Fleet available to download for free on 20th September 2010.

These are:

200T SDB
Broadsword Class
Chrysanthemum Class
Fer-de-Lance Class
Kinunir Class
Midu Agashaam Class

Chtierabl Class Tender
Plokl Class
Shivva Class
Vlezhdatl Class
Zhdoq Class
Zhodatl Class

These will be updated to match the Power Projection: Fleet SSDs and include Points and RCP values.

I will post updates on progress via the @BITS_Traveller Twitter feed.

UPDATE: A day left and only $11 short of the minimum at which I’ll release the PDF publicly. If you pledge to this, I will guarantee that I will send you the PDF whether or not it goes public.


Loren Wiseman in Hospital

You may not be aware, but Loren Wiseman – one of the founders of GDW and the man who was responsible for Traveller’s continued existence at Steve Jackson Games after Imperium Games imploded – has had a heart attack and is presently in hospital.

As a freelancer, this has hit him hard financially in terms of medical fees and his ability to work.

If you want to help him out as a thank you for all the things he has done to support Traveller in the past, you could buy some of his Traveller material published at RPGNow.

Alternatively, Marc Miller is selling some reprints of CT as a fundraiser. Details can be found here on COTI.

TravCon 11 Booking Now Open

BITS would like to invite you to TravCon 11 – our next Traveller roleplaying convention.

TravCon 11 is running over the weekend of 4-6 March 2011 (in the same location as previous years, just off the A1M near Peterborough in the ‘middle’ of the UK).

TravCon is a small, friendly event specifically for Traveller – all gamers are welcome, whether newcomers or experienced players.

We only have space for about 30 attendees and were over-booked in 2010 – current BITS members (as of 1 Sep 2010) get priority but we have a number of new (non-member) attendees each year – spaces are filled on a strict first-come, first-served basis.

Click here for a PDF giving more details of the convention. If you would like to attend, please fill in the booking form as soon as possible (a Word version of the form can be found here) or you can print the PDF, fill it in and either post it to BITS (PO Box 4222, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 0DA, England) or email us a scan of the filled in form.

Please do NOT send any money with your application – wait for us to confirm that you have a place at the convention.

We are always looking for new referees to run games, so if you are interested in running a game at TravCon (Traveller only, obviously!) please make a note on your form or email.

Pictures from the last TravCon here

Tweeting about TravCon

Do you use Twitter? If you do, check out the BITS Twitter feed (@BITS_Traveller) for news of BITS, Traveller, SF and Space Science!


We’re using #travcon to talk about TravCon 11...

Furnace 2010

Now that TravCon 2010 has been and gone, do you fancy a weekend dedicated to tabletop RPGs, hosted in a hotel in a historic Garrison Jail? At the moment, there’s only one game of Traveller planned, run by BITS’ own Dom Mooney, but there are plenty of other interesting and fun games ranging from trendy indie through to old skool. The convention is called Furnace, and is in Sheffield on the 9th and 10th October 2010.

More details can be found here including a provisional programme for the games being run. There are limited numbers of spaces remaining.

The video here gives some feedback from the 2009 event if you want a taster.


In Our Thoughts...

A message from Andy Lilly:

My personal condolences and deepest sympathies go out to Peter Darton, whose wife Claire Darton passed away totally unexpectedly just a few days ago. Claire and Peter were both enthusiastic gamers and convention attendees (most recently at TravCon10), as well as being good friends and long-time members of my weekly gaming group. Claire will be sadly missed by us all.

Our thoughts and sympathies also go out to the family and friends of gamer Chris Brecken who also unexpectedly passed away a couple of weeks ago.


Starter Edition Traveller: Free PDF

Marc Miller has made Classic Traveller’s Starter Edition available as a free download at DriveThruRPG.

The initial download is the main book only; check your account at DriveThruRPG or the receipt email for links to the Charts & Data book and the Adventures.

This is an ideal launchpad for a Traveller newbie to get a taster...

Do you Tweet?

Do you use Twitter? If you do, check out the BITS Twitter feed (@BITS_Traveller) for news of BITS, Traveller, SF and Space Science!


TravCon 2010

Travcon 2010 went well and we’ll post reports soon. Suffice it to say that great fun was had by all in a little corner of Sawtry.

If you went to the con, why not share your photos with our Flickr Group? http://www.flickr.com/groups/1420819@N22/

Travcon - Dream Beer
A Convention so good it had its own beer brewed by BITS very own Derrick Jones and his local brewery!



Due to the forthcoming short notice discontinuation of the commenting service on Haloscan and the introduction of a new paid for service as the only alternative, I am temporarily shutting down the comments service on the site. They will return with the forthcoming update to Rapidweaver (the software that the site is maintained with) which will introduce another free-to-use alternative. Thanks for you patience.

BITS Webmaster

PS Yes, I know that using WordPress would resolve the problem, but at this time I have limited time to maintain the website so it isn’t an option.

Traveller at SABRE 2010 with Stir Fried Prawns (March)

On Saturday 13th March, Richard Talbot, one of our Scottish Demo GM's will be running a District 9 inspired Mongoose Traveller scenario at SABRE 2010. Richard ran a game of Traveller at last years SABRE.

SABRE 2010 is a mini con hosted by the St Andrews University Wargaming Society and includes RPG's, CCG and wargaming content. Very friendly con!

More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=249183591226

The scenario data is below and sign ups will be on the day.

Traveller: District 9: Stir Fried Prawns
GM: Richard Talbot
4-6 players with Pregens

After the excitement of the alien spaceship leaving Johannesburg the droll work of moving the aliens from District 9 to District 10 continues.

For Squad Omega of The First Reaction Battalion, the appointment of a new commander, the attachment of an alien contact specialist to the team and the odd behaviour of the Prawns is gonna make a boring shift just that little more exciting. Throw in reporters, Nigerian gangsters, three missing trucks of cat food and some bloody stiff upper lipped British diplomat this can only lead to disaster.

Check your guns, perfect your best Afrikaans accent and don't eat the seafood.

No knowledge of the film is required but might explain a lot.

Traveller at Con-Quest: An Angel with a Halo (April)

Dave Elrick and Simon Bell are running Traveller at Con-Quest in Derby:

HALO: The Road to Perdition
System - Traveller
Morning Slot, 10th April 2010
GM: Dave Elrick

The year is 2552. Earth is at war. The alien forces of the Covenant attacked the outer colonies a generation ago, and have been pushing humanity back ever since. The fortress world of Reach has fallen, and Earth itself is threatened by the fanatical aliens. Even humanity's greatest warriors, the genetically enhanced SPARTAN-II supersoldiers have been destroyed.

Still, there is hope. Humanity's technology is inferior to the Covenant in almost every respect, save the creation of artificially intelligences. Military AIs can outthink and outfight whole Covenant battlegrounds. The fight is not even close to even, but we have a chance.

You are part of the fightback. The world of Perdition was overrun by the Covenant two years ago, but a month ago, a subspace message was received. It was a Covenant transmission, redirected by someone on Perdition and translated into English.

Your team has been sent to find the source of the transmission and, if possible, regain control of Perdition.

A Traveller game for up to 6 players set in the HALO universe. (Halo is a trademark of Microsoft, ultimately, and all rights are reserved).

Angel’s Share Part 6: Storm Warning
System - Traveller
Morning Slot, 10th April 2010
GM: Simon Bell

"Quiet times require quiet missions and this one looked easy. Jumping into an interdicted system owned by your employers with two passengers and some cargo can only be easy, right? There's a storm coming and only the crew of the Angel’s Share can stop it...hopefully"

Join BITS for the continuing (and soon to be published) tales of the crew of the free trader Angel’s Share. A BITS/Dave Elrick scenario powered by Mongoose Traveller.

4-6 players, Duration: 4 Hours



Just a quick note to mention that while most of the gang were at Conception last weekend, I rebuilt the website and did a complete upload. That appears to have fixed the glitch (which related to downloading files). Please let us know if you see any more problems.

Update on Conception to follow soon.

Thanks for you patience,