IT Issues

Freelance Traveller website issues

Jeff Zeitlin at Freelance Traveller posted the following to the TML:

As if the breakdown of the laptop with the master copy of the Freelance Traveller website wasn't enough (no loss of information, just some
maintenance software has to be changed, which is what's causing the hiatus there), the system running the Freelance Traveller Forums has
*also* failed.

We believe that we can recover the information, but aren't certain yet. We'll be working on that this week, and will try to
be back quickly. If we have to reconstruct, we have archives of the newsgroups in Unix mbox format through 2/11/07; unfortunately, we don't
have backups of user data, so users will have to recreate their accounts in the event of reconstruction rather than recovery.

The breakdown also affects the IRC "'bots" from #Traveller on Undernet and #Lonestar on Psionics (Brubek and the bridge); we expect to have those back up quickly; it's just a matter of locating some of the older versions of the code for them. More information to follow as it becomes available; please spread the word.


TML now live, back with Traveller Central the link you want if you would like to resubscribe to the TML which has risen from the ashes of the QLI server failure, thanks to Rob and Todd.

Some members have automatically been re-subscribed, but not necessarily all as the full list wasn't available.

Welcome home TML, we're glad to see it was only a short temporal mis-jump.

Dom (BITS webmaster)

TML down due to Server Failure [Updated]

Rob Davenport, the TML list-mom sent the following out today:

Dear TML,

I sent this notice out just after the server hosting the TML crashed but only had 80-some subscriber addresses then (the actual TML subscriber list has been offline until Hunter can restore the last backup). I've been trying to recreate the TML subscriber list and have over 350 unique addresses who've posted to the TML between 2004 and 2006. I'm sending this out to them too. I apologize if you received this notice before, and for multiple copies if you have multiple addresses subscribed. If you don't want an address on the TML (if we have to recreate it from this list), please let me know.

No update on the status of the server in the last week. We're waiting for Hunter to get the mailing list software up and running again.

Rob Davenport
TML listmom2

---forwarded message (11/16/06)---

As you probably know or have guessed, the machine hosting the Traveller Mailing List - ( - suffered a hardware failure of some kind yesterday [11/14/06].

All data after 10/22/06 was lost also. So all TML posts and archives after 10/22/06 are gone from that machine. (I know I have archives on my machine of those posts, and others probably do also, so we should be able to rebuild the missing data once the machine is back up and running.)

Hunter Gordon, the owner of the machine, and the TML's benefactor, is hard at work getting things back up. His priority is the Citizens of the Imperium website (the main site, the catalog, order system, Moot and other forums), and then he said the TML is his next priority.
He didn't expect to get to the TML until early next week though.

I apologize for not having a complete TML roster to send this notice to everyone on the list. I'm sending it to the people who've posted in the last month. If you see any names missing from my to: list, please pass this on to them, or direct them to me here. (And sorry if you get two of these messages.)

If you're on the CotI website, Hunter has been posting some progress there, if you want to check up on things. But I wouldn't expect anything until next week.

Rob Davenport
TML listmom 2


Tod Glenn posted the following:

The TML will go up on if I don't hear
from Hunter by Dec 8. I can have the list running in nothing
flat, But I need to check with my ISP and see if he's going to
charge me for high bandwidth usage.

Comments Website is Temporarily Down [Updated]

Marc Miller has confirmed in email that Far Future Enterprise's website, is temporarily down, but should be back up after the weekend.

[UPDATE 25 November 2006] - The site is now back up.