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Freelance Traveller website issues

Jeff Zeitlin at Freelance Traveller posted the following to the TML:

As if the breakdown of the laptop with the master copy of the Freelance Traveller website wasn't enough (no loss of information, just some
maintenance software has to be changed, which is what's causing the hiatus there), the system running the Freelance Traveller Forums has
*also* failed.

We believe that we can recover the information, but aren't certain yet. We'll be working on that this week, and will try to
be back quickly. If we have to reconstruct, we have archives of the newsgroups in Unix mbox format through 2/11/07; unfortunately, we don't
have backups of user data, so users will have to recreate their accounts in the event of reconstruction rather than recovery.

The breakdown also affects the IRC "'bots" from #Traveller on Undernet and #Lonestar on Psionics (Brubek and the bridge); we expect to have those back up quickly; it's just a matter of locating some of the older versions of the code for them. More information to follow as it becomes available; please spread the word.