Traveller at SABRE 2010 with Stir Fried Prawns (March)

On Saturday 13th March, Richard Talbot, one of our Scottish Demo GM's will be running a District 9 inspired Mongoose Traveller scenario at SABRE 2010. Richard ran a game of Traveller at last years SABRE.

SABRE 2010 is a mini con hosted by the St Andrews University Wargaming Society and includes RPG's, CCG and wargaming content. Very friendly con!

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The scenario data is below and sign ups will be on the day.

Traveller: District 9: Stir Fried Prawns
GM: Richard Talbot
4-6 players with Pregens

After the excitement of the alien spaceship leaving Johannesburg the droll work of moving the aliens from District 9 to District 10 continues.

For Squad Omega of The First Reaction Battalion, the appointment of a new commander, the attachment of an alien contact specialist to the team and the odd behaviour of the Prawns is gonna make a boring shift just that little more exciting. Throw in reporters, Nigerian gangsters, three missing trucks of cat food and some bloody stiff upper lipped British diplomat this can only lead to disaster.

Check your guns, perfect your best Afrikaans accent and don't eat the seafood.

No knowledge of the film is required but might explain a lot.

SABRE 2009 Con Report

BITS were asked along to this small con in St Andrews to run some games and I duly attended armed with a scenario or two as I needed something to replace the Traveller fix I would have got from attending Travcon.

SABRE (St Andrews Big Roleplaying Event) is a cosy mini con over 2 days with daily numbers of about 50 held within the confines of the Students Union of that most Ancient University. Apart from RPG's, a mix of CCG's and wargaming seemed to be the agenda for the day.

Invited by local shop-owner, David Wright, himself about to open the new games shop Kingdom of Adventure in nearby Kirkcaldy, SABRE turned out to be a pleasant event with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Built around a single 6 hour timeslot this gave me the opportunity to run some longer adventures and after discussion with the players opted for a session of "Masks", a self written scenario set in the Fifth Frontier War.

The players started off well until the first encounter when the tenets of their religion seemed to be overshadowed by the need to shoot things! Needless to say this put the scenario on a whole new level but with some skilled ideas and a healthy dose of hilarity the players worked their back round to the main objective.

Added to the excellent playing abilities of Sian, William, Caz, Miles, Chris and Emma was the buffet lunch provided with the ticket price of £5.00. Fuelled by the food the players wrapped up the scenario in good time for the close of SABRE at 6pm. If only for the frequent rolling of 1's and 2's on the dice and the demolition of an entire farm by home made nitrate explosives, this session will be fondly remembered.

I couldn't make the Sunday event but will be placing myself in the fray next year at SABRE 2010 for more fun and food!"

Richard Talbot