Welcome to the New Look!

Welcome to the updated BITS web site. Webmeister Dom has tried to keep it simple and efficient, so that you can get to the information you want without being bombarded with needless graphics and special effects (somewhat of an analogy to our products - which we fill to the brim with useful stuff, rather than padding them out with needless pictures).

 Needless Picture of Andy!

Just to reassure all our avid followers out there, the "little white books" of Traveller are still in production, with 101 Starcrews being our latest Traveller supplement. However, as each of us on the team grows that little bit older, our time for Traveller becomes necessarily constrained by personal commitments to our partners, children, jobs, etc. Of course, should any of us ever win the lottery, we'd be able to give up our jobs and do this full time. Alternatively, if any of you out there have a few million pounds to spare, please get in touch.
Once again, welcome to our site - I hope you find it useful (please send us your comments). We hope to keep it regularly updated with information on our latest work, including new products and our planned attendance at conventions.
Andy (Chief BITS Disorganiser)

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