101 Books & Background Material

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A free 101 book from BITS, thanks to Robert Prior. There are statistics for over a hundred vehicles designed using the rules in the T4 Central Supply Catalog and produced with Robert's Infini-V vehicle design software, also available on this site. Complete data is included for vehicles which range from the mundane to the exotic. It's called 102 Vehicles, because DGP released a 101 Vehicles, and we wanted to be different. (Author Robert Prior, PDF 467kb).
Designs for ships, vehicles, guns and the 'other', all of which originated in the twisted minds of Hengabar Spofulam's designers, collated by Roderick Darroch Elliot. Enjoy. (Author RD Elliot, PDF 154kb).
A single page document produced as a play aid for a BITS Tournament module set in Milieu 0. (Author Dominic Mooney, 34kb).
The Sylea Subsector map updated with information produced by Thad Coons using GURPS Traveller's Far Trader system. Thad noted: "This map is based upon M0/First Survey data for the Core Subsector only, approximately -30 Imperial or earlier. Traffic generated by near and important worlds in neighbouring subsectors has not been accounted for. Routes avoid desert worlds with no gas giants. Frontier refueling is considered impracticable for regularly scheduled services, so routes avoid worlds listed as uninhabited. Jump-3 routes possible at TL-12 and higher are also not included.