Referee, Demonstrator and Author's Aids
Document containing the BITS Universal Traveller Task System. This makes it easy to use material between different Traveller editions by providing equivalent levels for skill tests. Task levels and appropriate modifiers are also included for the non-Task versions of Traveller, Classic Traveller and GURPS Traveller. Now with added Mongoose Traveller compatibility. As used in the BITS adventures. (BITS UK Limited, PDF 84kb)
A single page document combining all the combat information for T4 on a single table, adding summaries of the various fire tasks and other related actions. (Author Dominic Mooney PDF 8kb)
This single page document compiles the various armor types and rules from the various T4 sources, leaving it available at a glance for the referee. (Author Dave Nelson, PDF 96kb).
There are full guidelines here if you want to write for BITS. Information includes details on submissions, a writing style guide and the BITS Task system. (BITS UK Limited, 121 kb).