The New Era Continues: Traveller 1248 released in Print

Avenger Enterprise's (Martin Dougherty's company) has combined with ComStar Games to release the first two 'Traveller 1248' sourcebooks. They are called 'Out of the Darkness' and 'Bearers of the Flame'.

1248: Out of the Darkness Cover 1248: Bearers of the Flame Cover

In the UK they are retailing for around £17 each, and should be generally available. You can also get them as PDFs from DriveThruRPG for $15 each.

The first book gives an overview and history of the whole of Charted Space 46 years after the Traveller: The New Era setting, space that is very different, but in some ways feels more like the Imperium of old. There is also a small campaign setting in the book. The second book gives details on the four sectors of space that are occupied by the Fourth Imperium, plus details on the various institutions (especially the military) which may be found there.

BITS Members: we are hoping to have a review of this in the next newsletter in the near future. If anyone has a copy and wants to review it, please contact us.

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