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A belated (thanks to the death of the computer with the website on) report on Dragonmeet by Richard Talbot:

BITS attended the excellent one day con, Dragonmeet 08 in Kensington, London, with a variety of Traveller related games and and our well stocked trade stand.

The Early Rush
Andy Lilly at the stand as the show opened.

Stalwart GM's Dave Elrick and Simon Bell ran the latest instalments of our long running scenario series Project 1112 involving the crew of the Angel's Share. The plot is thickening as we rolled out the 5th and 6th parts of Dave Elrick's saga – Misjump! and Storm Warning! – to entertain the players. Both games went well with good feedback received from the players back at the trade stand. If you haven't played one of the new adventures come along to one of the cons we are attending. Conception 09 is up next in January!

One of the games.

New to the BITS schedule was an At Close Quarters demo scenario written by Richard Talbot. Set in the docking bay of a local starport, the crew of the mining seeker, Dragon's Luck, come back to their ship after a few well earned drinks to find corporate saboteurs lurking in the shadows. The scenario is only one part of the demo as real-life Naval Architect and BITS member Nick Bradbeer created a 25mm scale model of a Type J 100t Seeker and docking bay. We have plenty of pictures to drool over but the results of Nick's late nights constructing the model were amazing!

Perspective of the Seeker
The Seeker (Perspective)

We used Ground Zero Games Neu Swabian League Troopers for the corporate squad, original Grenadier Traveller figs for the crew and Tablescape industrial scenery for the game aw well as Nick’s scratch built model.

back view of Seeker
Rear detail of the Seeker.

We played through three games with one team just managing to disarm explosive charges with 1 round to go and in the second game clearing the ship of saboteurs in under 6 rounds. Never will penguins be looked on again as passive creatures!

Top view of Seeker
Top view of the Seeker.

We'll be using the model for future cons so look out for updates on the website.
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