Classic Traveller CD ROM arrives in UK

Just in case anyone was doubting it existed, I can confirm that the Classic Traveller CD ROM exists and my copy arrived here in the UK yesterday. The content looks good, and is not just a re-scan of the reprints. The Little Black Books are presented as individual pages and the colour is all there. There are a few examples where the scan isn't perfect (some light grey lost on the hex map for Twilight's Peak, for an example) but this is an awesome resource.

The text if fully searchable, and the index page is better than then MegaTraveller one if you prefer using that to navigate. There are three editions of Traveller on the CD ROM - Starter Edition, the 1981 Little Black Books and The Traveller Book. Everything else that GDW published is here as well.

For its cost, I cannot do anything but recommend it. I'll try and get a short review done for the next BITS newsletter.

Dom (BITS Webmaster)
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