Download Software Demos.

All the BITS Mac OS software is available as downloadable demos. It was written by Robert Prior and is provided 'as-is'. Testing has been carried out on machines and OSes ranging from MacOS 7.01 on 68030 processors through to MacOS 10.3 under the Classic Environment on G4 processors. As the applications are require the Classic Environment, they will not run on the new Mac OS X Intel processor machines.

Full details on how to register the software is included in the application. There is no difference between the full software and the demos - just some disabled functionality like file saving.
This software produces encounter tables and creatures compatible with GURPS Traveller. CT/MT and T4 stats are also produced, with export options to HTML and text. Multiple Biomes are supported.
This software designs starships using the modular sequence in GURPS Traveller, and includeds the published design sequence errata. It also includes the extra modules found in Far Trader and Star Mercs.
This software allows you to build starships under the 'Quick Ship Design Sequence' rules presented in T4's core rules. The design sequence includes the final errata issued.
Written based on the T4 Vehicle Design Sequence included in the Central Supply Catalog, Infini-V allows you to design a vehicle in a matter of minutes. The designs may be exported as Text or HTML. All the vehicles in 102 Vehicles were designed with this software.
This software allows a referee to build starmaps and generate systems, adding in notes and astrographic features and printing a variety of views and detail levels. Multiple views (Domain, Sector, Subsector). Selectable Allegience. Checks for Droyne/Chirpers. Support for Calibration points. Development of this was stopped just before final release, and the file here is the last beta.